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Utz wants to stay a family-owned company

Utz wants to stay a family -owned company
March 3, 2015
Warren Buffett, the billionaire owner of Berkshire Hathaway, told Fortune that he was interested in buying Hanover-based snack maker Utz.

During an interview, Buffett discussed snacks he likes, and said he loves Utz Potato Stix.

However, Utz plans to keep the company in the family.

"While we are flattered that a savvy investor like Mr. Buffett is interested in purchasing our company, no one has spoken with him or his company," said George Neiderer, vice president of human resources.

"We plan to remain a family-owned business," Neiderer said.
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Utz Snacks is the largest independent privately held snack brand in the US. Weekly, Utz produces over 1 million pound of potato chips and nine hunderd thousand pounds of pretzels in 4 manufacturing facilities.