Heat and Control offers new speed washer / blancher for potato slices

For potato chip manufacturers who want greater versatility from less floor space, Heat and Control helps out with this new combination potato slice speed washer / blancher.

To produce consistent quality potato chips from potatoes having different levels of reducing sugars, Heat and Control, Inc. has developed a space-saving dual-purpose potato slice speed washer that can also be used as a blancher.

Blanching removes excess sugar from potato slices to prevent them from browning when fried. Extended blanching also helps reduce the formation of acrylamides.

Heat and Control’s washer-blancher makes it easy to obtain high-quality chips from different grades of potatoes by adjusting water temperature and the rotation speed of the slice washing drum.

When blanching is not needed, quickly convert the system into a speed washer: lower the water level and lift the drum clear of the product flow with built-in screw jacks.

Slices are then briefly washed to remove surface starch and slicer scraps. This prevents transfer of starch and particles into the fryer for longer, cleaner operation.

For speed washing and blanching, wash water is continuously circulated to keep starch and potato particles in suspension for efficient removal by a Motorized Catch Box. Slices are spread in an even mono-layer across the washer’s discharge conveyor to optimize dewatering efficiency and promote uniform cooking. After a final fresh water spray rinse, a patented AirSweep vacuum/blow-off system removes surface moisture from the slices to reduce fryer fuel usage up to 8% compared to using an air knife alone.

Heat and Control manufactures a range of potato slice pre-washing, speed-washing and blanching systems for continuous potato chip production from 400 to over 6,500 finished pounds per hour (181 to over 2,948 kg/hr).

For more information, contact Heat and Control by phone (+1 800 227 5980 / +1 510 259 0500) or e-mail at info@heatandcontrol.com.