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APH Group Engineering delivers potato grading, cleaning & packing line in Belarus

APH Group Engineering delivers potato grading, cleaning & packing line in Belarus

APH delivered a potato grading, cleaning and packing line to Belarus.

January 10, 2016
APH Group Engineering delivered and installed a professional line for grading, washing, dry cleaning & packing of potatoes to Belarus. After unloading the boxes in the dosing hopper, the operator can select various routings depending on the desired end product. Grading is done by a radial grading machine, which gives the possibility to grade long shaped products as well as round products.

The wet part of the line, consisting out of a drum washer and an active polisher, is completely separated from the dry part of the line. The dry part of the line includes a brushing machine. If desired, the wet & dry line can even work synchronously but still separated!

Weighing and bagging includes two separate lines, again to separate the wet & dry cleaned product carefully. For the washed product the weigher is feeding a vertical packing machine suitable to pack the Carry-Fresh bags. The Carry-Fresh bag makes a combination of mesh material and polyethylene in one bag and is especially suitable for smaller packages up to 2,5 kg. The Carry-Fresh bags has an exclusive image suitable for retail sales in supermarkets.

The following partners of APH Group Engineering supplied machinery in this project:

Schouten Sorting Equipment, Vitech radial graders, Tummers Food Processing Solutions, Haith Group, Manter International BV & GKS Packaging.
Companies in this Article
Tummers Food Processing Solutions produces machinery for washing, peeling, (drum)drying, (hydro)cutting and potato processing lines.
Manter International BV is a manufacturer of weighing and packing equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry.
Schouten Sorting Equipment B.V., is a Dutch supplier of graders and handling machines for turnips and root crops like potatoes, flower bulbs, sprouts and onions.
APH Group delivers and services machines and equipment to increase the efficiency of professionals in potato, vegetable and irrigation business. We deliver integral and innovative solutions. We do this by means of skilled specialists, operating out of 4 knowledge centers, namely: APH Field Equipment, APH Irrigation, APH In-store Solutions, APH Engineering.
Haith Group design & manufacture potato handling systems for packers and processors including bulk intake, washing, de-stoning, polishing, peeling lines, mobile washing systems and waste water treatments.