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APH Group Engineering delivers potato grading, cleaning & packing line in Belarus

APH delivered a potato grading, cleaning and packing line to Belarus.

APH Group Engineering delivered and installed a professional line for grading, washing, dry cleaning & packing of potatoes to Belarus. After unloading the boxes in the dosing hopper, the operator can select various routings depending on the desired end product. Grading is done by a radial grading machine, which gives the possibility to grade long shaped products as well as round products.

The wet part of the line, consisting out of a drum washer and an active polisher, is completely separated from the dry part of the line. The dry part of the line includes a brushing machine. If desired, the wet & dry line can even work synchronously but still separated!

Weighing and bagging includes two separate lines, again to separate the wet & dry cleaned product carefully. For the washed product the weigher is feeding a vertical packing machine suitable to pack the Carry-Fresh bags. The Carry-Fresh bag makes a combination of mesh material and polyethylene in one bag and is especially suitable for smaller packages up to 2,5 kg. The Carry-Fresh bags has an exclusive image suitable for retail sales in supermarkets.

The following partners of APH Group Engineering supplied machinery in this project:

Schouten Sorting Equipment, Vitech radial graders, Tummers Food Processing Solutions, Haith Group, Manter International BV & GKS Packaging.