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Black Gold Farms is expanding its successful locally grown program

Black Gold Farms is expanding its succesful locally grown program

Black Gold locally grown red potatoes: Texas Pride

April 13, 2016
Over 27 million people live in Texas, making it the second-largest state by population in the U.S. And with that many people fiercely proud of everything native to their state, it’s no surprise that locally-grown Texas potatoes sell like all git-out!

Black Gold Farms has been growing fresh red potatoes in Pearsall, Texas – about an hour down Interstate 35 from San Antonio – since 2011. But the 88-year-old, fourth-generation family-owned operation has actually been farming potatoes in Pearsall since 1992 focusing on growing potatoes specifically for potato chips as they gained understanding of how to get the highest quality from the unique growing conditions in the Lone Star State. The 2016 crop of Texan Reds are looking great, and are right on track for a record harvest beginning the first week of May.

Black Gold Farms is one of the few red potato grower/packer/shippers who understands the importance of marketing and merchandising to driving volume & profit growth for their retail customers, and nowhere is this more evident than with Black Gold Farms locally-grown initiatives. Black Gold Farms is ready to support this season’s Texan Reds with consumer offers and sweepstakes, display contests, in-store communication including retailer-specific Kwik Loks, posters and signs as well as social media activities, produce associate training initiatives and even hands-on tours of their Pearsall farm.

In an October 2015 Harris poll, 67% of Americans said it is important to buy locally grown/sourced produce – more than any other food category – and sales of locally-raised produce including red potatoes are increasing rapidly. This is why Black Gold Farms is excited to announce a significant expansion to their successful locally-grown program in 2016, with North Carolina being added to a roster that already includes Missouri, Indiana and Texas, plus Minnesota slated to come onboard in 2017!

“This is shaping up to be our finest crop of red potatoes yet” said Jay Yates, Farm Manager for Black Gold’s Pearsall operation. “And our Texas customers are eager to get their hands on them” added Keith Groven, Fresh Sales Manager. “These operators have witnessed the demand that Texas-grown red potatoes can generate, and they know that they can command a premium price for the superior quality we deliver”.
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