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Blanching Equipment Specialist DTS started construction of another new building

DutchTecSource B.V. (DTS) - a manufacturer of industrial blanching equipment - has started construction of an additional building, next to the to two existing buildings.

Dutch Blanching Equipment Specialist DutchTecSource B.V. (DTS) is Expanding. On the current premises next to the two existing buildings, a brand new building will arise.

The new building will house the growing number of employees and will provide more space for the increasing number of projects the company is taking on.


DutchTecSource B.V. has been growing continuously and for that reason, more space is required. DTS was founded in 1999 and since its establishment it has seen continuous stable growth. After doubling the floor space in 2013 it is again time for expansion. Both revenue and project size have grown, thus more physical space is required to facilitate that.

The new building will provide space for offices as well as house the relocated initial stages of the DTS production process such as sheet metal, laser cutting, and bending. Besides providing more workspace for our employees this will contribute to better logistics and higher overall efficiency.

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The two current buildings in use by DutchTecSource B.V. (DTS)

Moving Forward

Innovation and improvement have always been cornerstones of the DTS philosophy.

With an eye on tomorrow DTS wants to take its responsibility. DTS is committed to a sustainable future and strives to become a company that is carbon neutral and does not contribute to climate change.

On the roof of the new building, 274 solar panels will be installed. These PV-panels are able to fully provide the electrical energy requirements of the new building including any high energy-consuming machinery in the building, such as a laser cutter.

Generating over 70.000 kWh per year these solar panels will even be able to provide for 50% of the total energy consumption of DTS. This results in a huge reduction of the ecological footprint of the company.

In support of this vision, the entire building will be equipped with eco-friendly LED lighting. Fore heating and cooling, the new building will be equipped with an air-to-air heat-pump.

Furthermore, all windows will be treated with a special coating, helping to keep the interior cool in summer while reducing heat loss in winter.

The building is expected to be completed later this year (2016).