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EarthFresh Farms acquires Grand Bend Produce

Grand Bend Produce introduced the Blue Steele Potato in 2015 (Courtesy: twitter / @beachnot)

December 01, 2016

EarthFresh Farms recently announced the acquisition of the assets of Grand Bend Produce, a Southwestern Ontario based fresh potato business.

The acquisition further enhances EarthFresh’s ability to offer premium fresh potatoes to both existing and future customers.

A family owned and operated business for more than 50 years, Grand Bend Produce is a great opportunity and a natural fit for EarthFresh to step in and carry on their passion for potatoes.

Tom Hughes, President of EarthFresh Farms:

“We are excited to expand our growing and packing expertise into the Southwestern Ontario region.”

“With these new growing regions and Grand Bend’s additional packing capabilities, we will expand our focus on local Ontario grown potatoes, and we will continue to focus on innovation and packing specialty potatoes in an efficient manner.”

“It also gives us a closer proximity to the USA border and will improve our ability to service our American customer base.”

EarthFresh will continue to operate the current facility and remodel over time.

Tom Hughes:

“Our goal is to retain many of the current employees and with time, as we grow, to create more jobs.”

“We are excited to share our company culture and values and to involve ourselves in the local Grand Bend Community,”
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