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Kiremko 'Fry by Wire' system addresses challenges of frying formed potato products

Kiremko 'Fry by Wire' system addresses challenges of frying formed potato products

This Kiremko 'fry-by-wire' potato specialty fryer - loaded on a truck for transport to the customer - gives a good impression of the enormous size of this equipment.

July 14, 2016
As demands increase, the needs for more intelligent frying control systems have become more apparent. The Kiremko ‘fry by wire’ system is a fryer specifically designed to deal with the challenges of frying formed potato products.

The term ‘fry by wire’ comes from the phrase used to describe how modern aircrafts are controlled: ‘fly by wire’.

This term is used to indicate that multiple control surfaces on an aircraft are being continually monitored and adjusted by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which can work quicker than a human being. It is the same with the Kiremko ‘fry by wire’ system, a large number of pump speeds and oil levels are continually monitored and adjusted by the PLC to maintain pre-set stable frying conditions at all times.

These subtle and continual adjustments could never be achieved consistently by a human operator alone.

Frequency controlled discharge pump

With multiple circulation zones and an external belt return, the total oil content is minimized. Oil is injected from beneath the belt to create an oil flow along the length of the fryer. Each zone has a sophisticated oil level control system, using a radar level sensing device to control the oil level to an accuracy of better than 1mm in conjunction with a frequency controlled discharge pump.

The combination of sensor and pump which are automatically controlled by a PLC, means the oil level can be maintained just below the shoulder of the patty. The patty will not float and the stacking pattern in the fryer is maintained without the need for an immersion belt. Oil is also injected from above the belt via distribution weirs mounted at various points along the length of the fryer, so the top of the patty is evenly fried.

Up to 6.000 kg/hr

To allow easy cleaning and maintenance the fryer is fitted with a lifting hood and belt frame. It has an external heat exchanger and a customized oil filtration system to deal with the special demands of formed products.

Idaho Steel’s Nex-Gem forming machine

The ‘fry by wire’ system can be built in several widths to match the forming machine, such as Idaho Steel’s Nex-Gem. The formed product is placed on the belt outside the fryer to ensure a perfect stacking pattern.

The ‘fry by wire’ system comes in many dimensions to suit frying time and capacity, typically from 1.000 kg/hr up to 6.000 kg/hr. It is fitted as standard with a zonal controlled CIP system (Clean in Place) and state-of-the-art fire suppression.

The system is complemented with the Reyco Oil Miser® to recover oil from the formed product.

The EcoMiser™ is the newest addition to REYCO’s highly successful Oil Miser® product line incorporating the latest developments in sanitation, noise reduction, and cleanliness while improving oil removal and recovery.

Around the world

At this point in time, the ‘fry by wire’ system has been taken on board by several major potato processors around the world.

The Kiremko Fry-by wire fryer for potato specialties

This type of fryer is now working successfully in a number of locations in North America, in several plants in Europe and indeed as a part of a very involved project in China, processing sweet potato products.
Companies in this Article
Kiremko Food Processing Equipment is a global supplier of complete potato processing lines, as well stand alone equipment such as peelers, blanchers, dryers, and fryers. 
Idaho Steel Products is a manufacturing, installation, and engineering company in Idaho offering complete processing lines to the potato processing industry and the food processing equipment industry in general.
Reyco is a supplier of (frying) oil removal systems.