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  • At Pack Expo Heat and Control shows the latest equipment of FastBack, Spray Dynamics, CEIA and Ishida
At Pack Expo Heat and Control shows the latest equipment of FastBack, Spray Dynamics, CEIA and Ishida

At Pack Expo International 2016, equipment manufacturer Heat and Control will showcase the latest technologies from Heat and Control, FastBack®, Spray Dynamics®, CEIA® and Ishida in booth N-4706

Heat and Control, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and supplier serving food and non-food industries, will showcase processing, conveying, coating, seasoning, weighing, packaging, and inspection systems at Pack Expo International 2016.

Pack Expo is the perfect platform to showcase the company's expertise in the processing and packaging industry especially when it comes to helping the industry achieve efficiency, end product quality and consumer safety.

The company will showcase the latest technologies from Heat and Control, FastBack®, Spray Dynamics®, CEIA® and Ishida.

FastBack Product Handling

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Heat and Control introduced the next generation of FastBack solutions to meet industry sanitation requirements; FastBack 260E G3, Revolution Gate 3.0 and Cartridge open channel support system.

Visitors will see next generation technologies from FastBack with new models; 260E G3, Revolution® Gate 3.0, Blending System, and for the first time, the Cartridge Open Channel Support System.

Ishida CCW multihead weighers

Ishida CCW Multihead Weigher (RV Series)

Heat and Control will show the entire range of the popular Ishida CCW multihead weighers in Chicago. The line-up will include the RV Series, Ishida's best performing model which delivers the highest levels of accuracy of any multihead weigher.

In addition to consistent weighing at close-to-zero giveaway, the RV is some 15% faster than comparable weighers. With automatic set-up, self-draining surfaces, and wireless operation, Ishida RV weighers take net-weighing of dry, fresh, and frozen foods to a new level of efficiency.

The RVE and SE Series will also be shown; allowing Heat and Control/Ishida to show a weighing solution for every application and budget.
Also on the floor will be Ishida's new Rotary Salad Filler. This system automatically fills and tamps salad into preformed trays resulting in minimum spillage, for best tamping results and high speeds.

Slurry On Demand™ continuous mixer

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Spray Dynamics Slurry On Demand™ continuous mixer

Spray Dynamics has developed a continuous slurry application system that makes mixing and applying snack coatings easy and faster.

The Slurry On Demand™ continuous mixer ends the waste and delay normally required to produce pumpable slurries of oil-based seasonings, syrups, and other coatings.

Ingredients are mixed only as needed to reduce waste and changeovers are quicker than conventional systems.
For the snack industry, the Ishida Atlas® Ultrasonic snack food bagmaker offers significantly less packaging film consumption and improves seal quality compared to traditional bag sealing that uses high-temperature jaws that transfer heat through all layers of the film producing a wide seal.

Ishida's ultrasonic technology heats only the sealant layers of the mated film surfaces. This produces end and back seals that are 30-50% narrower and far stronger than ordinary heat seals.

The world's most advanced metal detection systems from CEIA will showcase food and pharmaceutical inspection solutions and will demonstrate the CEIA THS Production application that delivers detailed information about the metal detection performance.

THS Production provides real-time visualization of metal detector status for either single or multiple units and generates charts and reports as well as provides exportable data.

Ishida X-ray inspection, IX Series

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Ishida X-ray inspection systems, IX Series

Ishida has launched a new range of X-ray inspection systems, IX Series, to help food and pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with global safety standards and meet the demands of quality and safety-conscious retailers.
Also, for the first time, Heat and Control will preview the next generation of control and information systems that promote the right response from front line operators.

New Horizons is a controls and information system that provides a way for manufacturers to visualize live status, receive timely advice, and benefit from Heat and Control's years of experience and expertise.

Heat and Control worked with customers and a Design Journal Award winning consultant group to incorporate modern design features that are easy to understand and provide a smart control interface.

For more information on the products shown click on the image to access Heat and Control's Pack Expo 2016 Showcase page

For more information please visit Heat and Control at Pack Expo 2016, Heat and Control's Showcase page (above) or contact Heat and Control at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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