Snyder's-Lance Introduces several new Snacks across its brand portfolio

Some of the new snacks launched by Snyder's-Lance.

Snyder's-Lance, Inc. (Nasdaq-GS: LNCE) continues to drive innovation by bringing new and exciting snacks to pantries across the United States in 2016.

The new products are debuting across several Snyder's-Lance brands and include a variety of options to satisfy consumers' on-the-go lifestyles, better-for-you diets and general need for premium snacks to share with family and friends for any occasion.

Rod Troni, Chief Marketing Officer at Snyder's-Lance:

"Snacking has become a new way of life as consumers have less time to sit down for big meals,"

"So let's celebrate snacks. Whether it's enjoying snacks with friends or during a road trip with the family, we believe these new, quality snacks from Snyder's-Lance can enhance those moments and make them even better."
In keeping with the company's initiative to offer a balanced portfolio of snacks that meet the changing needs of consumers, Snyder's-Lance is using some of its most popular brands to deliver innovation in multiple categories.

Rod Troni:

"With our recent acquisition of Diamond Foods, our total company will have even more innovation in the future, including new items from Kettle Chips®, Kettle Brand®, Pop Secret®, Emerald®, and Diamond of California®."
Snyder's of Hanover®: new addition to Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces: S'mores

Snyder's of Hanover® is expanding its popular line of Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces to include a new creation: S'mores. The new flavor combination celebrates the familiar campfire treat with chocolate and marshmallow flavors on sourdough hard pretzel pieces.

With Snyder's of Hanover Filled Pieces, the longstanding pretzel maker has taken the middle out of its pretzels and packed in real peanut butter, adding four grams of protein to keep consumers going throughout the day. The Filled Pieces are the perfect combination of a salty, crunchy pretzel shell with rich, creamy peanut butter.

Snyder's of Hanover® is also introducing 50 Percent Less Fat Pretzel Pieces that come in two savory flavors: Zesty Ranch and Everything.
New Flavours from Cape Cod: Roasted Black Garlic (Popcorn and Potato Chips) and Smoked Gouda (Potato Chips).

Cape Cod® introduces two Limited Batch flavors, Roasted Black Garlic and Smoked Gouda potato chips. Made in small batches and available for a limited time only, these new chips score big on flavor and include the legendary hearty crunch of Cape Cod's kettle-cooked chips.

Cape Cod's new Roasted Black Garlic Popcorn features a unique kettle cooking recipe that delivers great taste with a mild garlic bite.
Snack Factory®: Tortilla Chips, Pita Chips and a larger deli-style Gluten Free Original Pretzel Crisps® ideal for dipping

Snack Factory®, makers of the original pretzel-shaped cracker, Pretzel Crisps®, is expanding its ever-growing line of Gluten Free Pretzel Crisps® by offering a larger, deli-style Gluten Free Original Pretzel Crisps®, which are perfect for dipping, topping and pairing with a variety of delicious and healthful ingredients.

Additionally, Snack Factory® will introduce its first innovations beyond pretzels this year with the introduction of Tortilla Chips and Pita Chips.

These new crunchy snacks are free from artificial ingredients and pair perfectly with hummus, guacamole and salsa. Try Tortilla Chips in Sea Salt and Garlic Hummus, and Pita Chips in Sea Salt and Garlic Parmesan flavors.

Later this year, Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® will heat up the summer with the limited-edition release of Bacon Habanero Pretzel Crisps® that combine the irresistible flavor of smoky bacon with the heat of habanero.
Late July Snacks: two new flavours extend the taco truck inspired Clásico Tortilla Chip line

Late July Snacks extends their popular taco truck inspired Clásico Tortilla Chip line with two new mouth-watering flavors.

Buffalo Queso Tortilla Chips are seasoned to perfection with hot and savory buffalo spices and blended with organic cheddar cheese.

The Sriracha Fresca Tortilla Chips have the bold kick from everyone's favorite hot sauce with a refreshing twist.

These chips are made with USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified whole ground corn and are also gluten-free, nut-free and Kosher.
Eatsmart Snacks®: two new varieties

Eatsmart Snacks® is making smart snacking more exciting with bold flavors.

Made with black, pinto and navy beans, Eatsmart Snacks is launching two varieties of Three Bean Tortilla Chips: Garlic Hummus and Spicy Black Bean. Both items are made with Non-GMO ingredients, contain 14 grams of whole grains, and are gluten-free.
Snyder's Lance also introduced a we a number of new cookies, which we add here on PotatoPro for completeness:

Cookies launched from Lance, Archway® Cookies and Stella D'oro

Lance®, the makers of the first gluten free sandwich cracker, continues to innovate in response to the growing demand for gluten free snacks with a new line of certified gluten free sandwich cookies. The newest product features two baked, crispy cookies on the outside with real peanut butter filling in the middle.

Also new from Lance® is its Lemon Crème Nekot cookies for consumers who want to treat themselves to an indulgent snack. The new item features a tasty lemon crème filling sandwiched between two, tasty Nekot cookies.

Archway® Cookies, known for its homestyle goodness since 1936, is introducing Gluten-Free Cookie Chips. These thin and crispy cookies meet consumers' desire for light indulgency in a unique, gluten-free option. The cookies come in two varieties: Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies.

The long-time cookie maker also introduces new Archway® Mini Salted Caramel Shortbread, bringing homestyle flavor to a bite-sized cookie. Consumers can enjoy the buttery taste of shortbread cookies in every batch with a salted caramel sweetness.

Stella D'oro®, which makes premium Italian cookies, breakfast treats and breadsticks, is introducing Lemon Starlets. This star-shaped vanilla cookie has a center filled with delicious lemon fruit.

Peter L. Michaud, Division President of the Clearview FoodsTM Division:

"At Snyder's-Lance we are passionate about developing options for families looking for more snacking choices, which is why many of our new products are considered better-for-you snacks."

"This innovation is part of an ongoing commitment our Company made in May 2015 to deliver great choices across our portfolio, with a goal to have one-third of our products classified as better-for-you. We're making great progress, and as of March 2016, nearly 30 percent of our products are considered better-for-you snacks."
The new Snyder's-Lance products are on the store in the United States shelves now.