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TOMRA and Farm Frites donate €2,000 to UNICEF in Golden Fry Contest at Interpom | Primeurs

The presentation of the charity voucher after the Golden Fry competition at Interpom | Primeurs.
From left to right: Jan van de Wolfshaar, Steve Raskin, Ron Packbier, Leon Boer and Adriaan de Bruijne.

Farm Frites, a Dutch family business specializing in fries and potato products, has been presented with a charity voucher worth €2,000 after winning The Golden Fry competition, held by TOMRA Sorting Food, a leading provider of sensor-based food sorting machines.

The competition was held at Interpom | Primeurs, an exhibition for the potato, fruit and vegetable market in Kortrijk, to celebrate the launch of the new TOMRA 5B, a state-of-the-art sorter for the vegetable, fresh cut and potato processing industries.

The TOMRA 5B processed 20 kg of French fries, one of them made of gold, and the representative who came closest to correctly guessing the moment when the golden fry would be ejected was awarded the voucher.

Ron Packbier, Process Engineer at Farm Frites, who entered the competition on behalf of the company, chose UNICEF as the recipient of the charity voucher. UNICEF works for a world in which every child has a fair chance in life. The charity has distributed lifesaving aid to children around the world for almost 70 years.

Ron Packbier, Process Engineer at Farm Frites:

“In everything we do, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable environment, which also includes our children, who are our future.”

“All children deserve a healthy life and we’re happy to be able to contribute to the good work that UNICEF does.”
Steve Raskin, Sales Director EMEA, TOMRA Sorting Food:

“We are very pleased that Farm Frites chose UNICEF as its charity because it’s a very worthy cause.”

“We hope that the donation can contribute to a better world for children everywhere and give them the future they deserve.”
The TOMRA 5B is the first of the next generation of innovative sorting machines.

Steve Raskin:

“Recent developments in our technology result in more accurate decisions about the quality of the product. These technological advancements not only improve the quantity of food available, but they also maintain the high levels of quality expected by consumers who are increasingly interested in what they are purchasing.”

“The TOMRA 5B boasts a powerful combination of exceptional features, state-of-the-art innovation and ease of use. It is a great addition to the TOMRA range, guaranteeing excellent results throughout the entire sorting process.”

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Video of the Golden Fry Contest

For more information about the competition, visit the Happy Faces website.