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German Potato Breeder Interseed New Shareholder Breeders Trust

German Potato Breeder Interseed New Shareholder Breeders Trust

Aerial view of the headquarters of Interseed in Wittmund, Germany. The facilities include breeding station, multiplcation and storage facilities
(Courtesy: Interseed Potatoes GmbH)

March 25, 2017
The seed potato breeding company Interseed Potatoes GmbH located at Wittmund Germany, recently became the newest shareholder of Breeders Trust.

Breeders Trust supports its shareholders when it comes to monitoring and enforcement of the plant Breeders’ Rights and contract conditions.

The aim of Breeders Trust is to create in the whole potato sector awareness about the risks of using non-certified seed and to inform about the rights and duties while using protected seeds.

Breeders Trust is actively engaged that license fees are being paid for the further developing of new varieties and that trade and propagation takes place within the applicable rules and regulations. By doing so, Breeders Trust contributes to the continuity of the development of new varieties with better and more sustainable product qualifications in the benefit of the whole potato sector.

Wilhelm Meyer, managing director Interseed:

“Interseed is a German company with branch offices in various European countries and is breeder of new potato varieties with a focus on the processing industry.”

“The development of new varieties is cost-intensive and we consider the enforcement of the breeders’ rights a basic requirement for all breeders. Bundling of forces to respect and enforce breeders’ rights is therefore of crucial importance.”

“Breeders Trust carries out awareness and enforcement activities internationally in a successful way and is a logical next step for us. Our core business is introducing our newest potato varieties all over the world and Breeders Trust helps us realizing our international ambitions.”
Geert Staring, General Director of Breeders Trust welcomes Interseed as a new shareholder with open arms.

Geert Staring, General Director of Breeders Trust:

“Enforcement of plant breeders’ rights is very costly and you need a long breath.”

“Respecting plant breeders’ rights is a non-competitive issue and is of joint interest not only for the whole potato chain but even for society as a whole.”
Companies in this Article
Breeders Trust S.A. is an organisation of seed potato breeding companies in Europe involved in the development of new potato varieties. Breeders Trust supports the implementation and enforcement of their Plant Breeders Rights protection and the prevention of the illegal trade in plant propagation material.
Interseed Potatoes GmbH is a breeder and supplier of seed potatoes located in Germany. Since more than 30 years Interseed experience with varieties especially for the processing industry.