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Heat and Control fryers on their way to double snack manufacturer’s capacity

Heat and Control fryers on their way to double snack manufacturer’s capacity

No, you are not seeing double! TWO custom built Heat and Control potato chip fryers are loaded onto trucks for transport to the customer.

February 13, 2017
Heat and Control, a global manufacturer and leading supplier of food processing and packaging equipment, has recently helped another snack food processing company increase their production capacities to another new level, with delivery of a ‘snack’ product processing system.

Two fryers added to Heat and Control's tally of fryers delivered

Adding to the impressive tally of Heat and Control frying systems installed around the world, two fryers recently left the company’s Brisbane, Australia facility.

Pictured above, the fryers were transported by truck to the port for shipping to the customer.

Demand for the customer’s product meant an increased need to frying capacity. The addition of these two snack frying systems will double capacity from two lines to four. The custom designed Potato Chip Fryers were manufactured to meet the customer’s exact specifications.

The 160 kg/hr frying systems were built by qualified tradespersons and took approximately six months to manufacture.

Heat and Control Food System Expertise

Heat and Control has been working closely with the food industry since 1950 and has developed a comprehensive catalogue for food processing systems.

Innovations that transformed the food processing industry and is now a leading manufacturer of oven systems and support systems for the global food industry.
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Heat and Control is an international manufacturer of equipment with over sixty-five years’ experience and expertise in the potato processing industry.