Indian FMCG conglomerate ITC Limited plans launch of (frozen) potato products

Surampudi Sivakumar, CEO of ITC Agri Business Division (Courtesy: Facebook / Surampudi Sivakumar)

As Indian FMCG powerhouse ITC rolls out frozen prawns in select cities in the country, the company has lined up a few more product offerings — potatoes, tomatoes and onions — in the packaged foods category across the frozen, chilled, cool and ambient shelf-life segments.

Surampudi Sivakumar, CEO of ITC Agri Business Division:

“There is a huge scope for increasing the size of the pie in the frozen market space. In the next three months, we will introduce the frozen prawn products in other top metros like Mumbai, Kolkatata, Bengaluru and Chennai.”
After prawns, ITC will soon roll out frozen or otherwise processed potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

Building an end-to-end-chain

Sivakumar felt that most farmers grew crops based on the previous season’s demand.

Surampudi Sivakumar:

“Consequently we see prices falling at harvest time. On the other hand, consumers see prices going up soon after. Both farmers and consumers are unhappy.”

“To beat this, we need to replicate what we have done with milk — an end-to-end chain.”

“Earlier, different players were working in silos working at different levels (of creating infrastructure). You need to work on all of these simultaneously.”

“I think it is happening now.”