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New Brunswick potato farmer produces its first batch of Blue Roof vodka

Blue Roof Vodka is unique because they don’t use (dehydrated) potato flakes, instead choosing to cook the potatoes whole and they don’t add malted barley so the vodka can be called gluten-free at the end process (Courtesy: Global News)

A family of potato farmers in New Brunswick, Canada are getting into the liquor business by making vodka from potatoes.

Blue Roof Distillers has joined a small handful of distillers in the country making the product.

Devon Strang, 25 wanted to find a way to profit from the potatoes they grow that are too small to sell in the grocery stores.

Devon Strang:

“We are pretty excited to roll it out and we hope it does well”

The Strang family has been farming in the community of Malden, New Brunswick since 1855. For decades, the blue roofs on their barns have symbolized potatoes. But now they also represent their new line of ultra-premium Blue Roof vodka.

Potato vodka has been around since the days of the backyard still, but this is a first for New Brunswick.

Strang said 30 bags of spuds are dumped, skin and all, into a massive cooker where the starch in the spuds is broken down into what used to be called potato champagne.

He said their brand is unique because they don’t use (dehydrated) potato flakes, instead choosing to cook the potatoes whole and “we don’t add malted barley so we can call our vodka a gluten-free vodka at the end process.”

It was an idea born in the heart of Strang who was thinking of his mom, “my mother has celiac disease so it’s always been in the back of my mind.”

He said while there may be only traces of gluten molecules left behind in conventional vodka made from grain, some people who are gluten sensitive can have adverse reactions to it. So they decided to make their product certified gluten free.

The family plans to start out small and bottle the product by hand until people get a taste for it.

Devon Strang:

“I am hoping we are going to sell out and continue to sell out for the first few years until we have more money to invest in more equipment tanks and an automated bottling line.”

The first batch of Blue Roof vodka will be available in the farm’s storefront this week and in New Brunswick liquor stores sometime in the next week, with plans to spread the spud vodka throughout Canada.