A Potato processing plant is planned to be built in Tatarstan, Russia

Interest in potatoes at the highest level: the president of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minikhanov, is visiting a potato farm in Arsk (Courtesy: President of Republic of Tatarstan)

According to Russian media, a modern processing potato plant is planned to be built in the Arskii district of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

Online journal Construction.RU was told by the press office of the regional department of Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the project’s implementation was discussed yesterday at a ministerial session.

At present, the Republic is consistently working to improve the potato production technology. For its part, the Ministry pledged to support an investor in case of a plant construction.

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Potato varieties of Tatarstan on display (Courtesy: President of Republic of Tatarstan)

Vice President at investing company, Philip Terrie, assured himself in the relevance of Tatarstan’s potential to this project.

Earlier, the company’s representatives got to know the activity of one of the major potato producers in the region, AF Kyrlai LLC, and soon are going to make a final decision on the plant construction.

Unclear from the article is the type of potato product that will be produced in this plant, so it could be anything ranging from washed and packed potatoes to frozen french fries or potato flakes.