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Tummers keeps developing its potato processing equipment!

The Tummers Group introduces a new high capacity potato sorter with overlapping beds.

July 30, 2017

As the people are the heart of Tummers, R&D is the backbone. Tummers is continuously working on improving their machinery, the process, service or other aspects to apply to the demands of the market, within the Tummers Group.

Tummers is not improving just to improve, but improving based on feedback from its customers.

Once in a while this contains a drastic development like the ZicZac brusher, Switcher, Autotrax or washer/destoner, but mostly this contains subtle improvements on already existing processes or machinery.

These are the most recent developments in the range of potato processing machinery of Tummers:

  • Redesigned Tummers washing line

    The Tummers washing line has recently gone through a redesign which allowed smaller and more fragile specialty products to be processed extra gentle with high volumes without bruising or damaging the products.
    (Click to enlarge)

    The redesigned washing line allows smaller and more fragile specialty products to be processed extra gentle

  • Washer/destoner made more versatile

    The washer/destoner underwent some changes to easily process a variety of products, like potatoes, carrots, celeriac and chive, without having to change the machine.

  • New Brushes for the ZicZac brusher

    Tummers patented ZicZac brusher has been tested with a new kind of brushes for over a year. After they were certain these brushes improved the process and treatment, Tummers had them standardized. The balance between removing skin and keeping product is improved even more.
    (Click to enlarge)

    The new type of Brushes for the ZicZac brusher

  • Improved Mobile Washing Unit

    The mobile washing unit is newly developed while it’s now using less power, is self-cleaning, more mobile and doesn’t need any additional water. Due to the axis free screw carrier, built-in water tank and sand/dirt discharge.
    (Click to enlarge)

    The mobile washing unit is now using less power and is self-cleaning

  • UV-treatment on the Roller dryer.

    Tummers added UV-treatment to the Roller dryer. This is used for disinfection or de-activating the bacteria on the potatoes. Bacterial DNA bonds will be broken and can’t reproduce so the colonies die.
    (Click to enlarge)

    UV-treatment on the Roller dryer

  • New High Capacity Continuous Sorter

    A new high capacity continuous sorter with overlapping beds, which can manage up to 60 tons of potatoes per hour. The advantages of this kind of sorting is that it’s sorted on Square mesh size, providing a much better calibration then common single dimension sorters. You can see several images of the new sorter at the top of this article

  • Redesign of the ZicZac brusher

    The latest development is a redesign of the ZicZac brusher. The new design is focused on hygiene and capacity.

    This machine, specially developed due to the demand on the ever growing French fry market, is capable of peeling 60 tons of potatoes per hour and has a more efficient, easy to clean and maintain design.
    (Click to enlarge)

    The latest redesign of the ZicZac brusher is focused on hygiene and capacity.

These are some of the developments Tummers has introduced this year. Small, efficient and low total cost of ownership.

There are many more developments like the new aligner in the Switcher, overflow in the washer/destoner, knife sharpener for the cutting block knives etc. All of them important to improve the process and treatment of the product with a better end result!

For more information you can contact Tummers at

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