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USDA: 9 Percent More Potatoes in Stock than on June 1, 2017

USDA: 9 Percent More Potatoes in Stock than on June 1, 2017

Potato store in Idaho (Courtesy: Reddit)

June 19, 2018
The 13 major potato States held 59.0 million cwt of potatoes in storage June 1, 2018, up 9 percent from June 1, 2017, according to a USDA report released last week.

Potatoes in storage

Potatoes in storage accounted for 15 percent of the fall storage States' 2017 production, 2 percentage points more than last year.

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Fall Potato Production and Stocks – 13 Major States: June 1, 2017-2018 Stocks include processor holdings and most of the seed to plant following year's crop. Seed usage for all seasons in 2017 totaled 29.9 million cwt (Courtesy: USDA Potato Stocks)


Potato disappearance, at 341 million cwt, was down 3 percent from June 1, 2017. Season-to-date shrink and loss, at 23.4 million cwt, was 8 percent lower than the same time last year.

Potato Processing

Processors in the 8 major States used 185 million cwt of potatoes for the season, up 1 percent from June 2017.

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Quantity of Potatoes Used for Processing – 8 States: 2016-2018; Total quantity received and used for processing regardless of the State in which the potatoes were produced. Blank cells indicate estimation period has not yet begun.
(Courtesy: USDA Potato Stocks)