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Value of certificate for potato breeder HZPC rises to € 200.00

Value of certificate for potato breeder HZPC rises to € 200.00

Price development of share certificates of HZPC Holding B.V. (in Euros)

May 16, 2018
The value of the depository receipt for shares in HZPC Holding B.V., the world market leader in potato breeding, has been fixed at € 200.00 (offered on).

That means that the HZPC certificate of share has increased by 9.77% and HZPC's market value has risen to a new record high of € 156.75 million.

The value of certificate of share has increased fifteen times by the maximum 10% and twice by over 9% since 2010.

11,406 certificates were traded this last trading day, which is 1.5 % of the total number of 783,725 outstanding certificates.

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HZPC market value/price at 783,725 outstanding certificates on the bi-annual stock trading day in May, unless indicated otherwise; the dividend paid will be the same as determined annually in October.

Gerard Backx, CEO of HZPC:

“The value this trading day also reached a near maximum increase with almost € 18. In line with the trend of the previous trading day, we see a higher volume in supply.”

“This combined with the decrease in the demand for certificates of share at the maximum price, show that demand and supply are converging. This has resulted in a 9.77% increase of the certificate of share value.”


HZPC organises a stock trading day twice per financial year, in May and November, for associated breeders, seed potato growers, and HZPC employees in the countries where HZPC operates. The trading day is supervised by a bank and the certificates are traded via an online platform.

The value of the HZPC certificate of share is determined by supply and demand. The price may increase or decrease by a maximum of 10% each stock trading day. The first certificates were traded in the 1999/2000 financial year at a price of €24. The next stock trading day will be on 2 November 2018.

Return and seed potato price

HZPC combines its ambition to offer certificate holders a good return (from share price movements and dividend distribution) with paying competitive growers’ prices to the HZPC seed potato growers in the countries where HZPC operates.

A dividend has been paid out every year since the founding of HZPC in 1999. The amount of the dividend for 2017/18 will be determined in the shareholders meeting in October 2018.
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HZPC is a Dutch supplier of seed and ware potatoes. HZPC is the largest seed potato supplier worldwide.