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Snack brand PeaTos™ rolls out new products, new packaging and rebrand during PMA Fresh Summit

Peatos Crunchy Rings is available in two flavors: Classic Onion and Fiery Hot flavors

PeaTos™, the rapidly growing revolutionary snack brand, is pleased to reveal a bold new look and exciting new additions to its wildly popular portfolio of snacks: PeaTos™ Crunchy Rings—available in Classic Onion and Fiery Hot flavors.

Prepared for exponential growth based on its completely refreshed new look and feel, PeaTos is advancing its mission to create a new class of “junk food” made from peas rather than traditional corn.

Launching with several major retail partners, PeaTos will be available through Sprouts this October and Whole Foods in January 2020.

Nick Desai, CEO of PeaTos, who continues to challenge the dominance of corn as ingredient for snacks:

“We’re excited to introduce our new brand and the PeaTos™ Rings to the public in a big way.”

“While PeaTos delivers better tasting junk food made from peas that consumers love, as we grew and listened to feedback from loyal fans we realized that the PeaTos products were amazing, but our branding was missing the mark.”

“We were not clearly communicating our product or value proposition. As a result, we spent a considerable amount of time developing a new approach that better aligns with what we had set out to create. What’s crazy is that they were still selling really well and we’re really excited to see what happens.”
PeaTos new Crunchy Rings in the new branding will roll out this fall at Kroger stores nationwide and will debut at the Fresh Summit Conference & Expo hosted by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) in October.

The team at PeaTos spent years working to improve on the taste, texture and experience of America's favorite snack brands inclusive of juggernauts like Cheetos®, Funyuns® and others.

Combined, they form a massive $20 billion category dominated by Frito Lay, with a vast majority of these snacks sharing common characteristics: they are made from a base of corn and deliver an explosive flavor and strong visual experience that keeps their fans craving more.

Nick Desai:

“PeaTos is the talk of the town because it offers the best of both worlds. We have really struck a chord with consumers”

“What is special about PeaTos is that you have a pea-based snack that tastes like it’s made from corn! This is important because it is what consumers are used to. It’s like the plant-based meat guys engineering products to replicate the experience of meat”

“We are looking to replicate the true ‘junk snack’ experience in every way.”
Since PeaTos launched, the brand has experienced explosive growth in both door count and sales through retail partners like Kroger and Safeway, along with other partners in the travel, entertainment and food service industry.

PeaTos is currently available at Kroger and its banner stores including Cala Foods, City Markets, Copps, Dillons, FoodsCo, Fred Meyer Stores, Fry's, King Soopers, Mariano's Fresh Market, Metro Market, Pick 'n Save, QFC, Ralphs, Food 4 Less and Smith's.

In addition to Vons, Pavilions, Albertsons (SoCal), Safeway (NorCal), Fairway Market, Meijer, Ahold Grocery Group and Wakefern Food Corporation, Peatos is coming soon to Sprouts (Fall 2019) and Whole Foods (2020), and is available online on Amazon.

Nick Desai concludes:

“This is the holy grail of snacking. Imagine a snack that tastes better than your traditional corn-based snack and is more nutritious!”