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Smith’s new lamington flavoured chip has Aussies torn

In Australia, Smith's has announced they’re releasing a new sweet potato chip and not everyone is convinced the unorthodox flavour will be a hit.

One of the country’s favourite desserts is becoming a chip and people aren’t loving the idea.

News that Smith’s is making a lamington-flavoured chip has not received a positive reaction from readers, with more than 80 per cent on our Facebook poll saying ‘no’ to the new incarnation.

The brand revealed today it was adding the chip to its ever-growing list of flavours.

Olivia Sutherland, Smith’s marketing director:

“We know Australians are increasingly keen to try new flavours, and interest is growing in sweet and savoury combinations.”

“Our latest innovation combines a sweet, quintessentially Aussie cake with Australia’s favourite potato chip. It seemed the perfect way to celebrate the Australian summer.”

“It’s then a matter of breaking down the flavour experience and finding key elements that can be translated to a seasoning.”

“In our Lamington chip, you will find hints of flavours including chocolate, coconut, cream and butter!”
Ms Sutherland said different lamington recipes were reviewed to get the perfect flavour.

The limited edition chips are expected to be on shelves at Woolworths and selected convenience stores from January 1.

The latest flavour joins a Smith’s garlic bread and Peking duck, tomato sauce and gravy. But readers weren’t very impressed with the new innovation.

One woman wrote:

“I’ll stick to savoury flavours thank you.”
Another man said:

“Almost as stupid as the recent spate of trendy flavoured milks, like Mint slice, Iced VoVos, and other crap flavours.”
Others called for the return of the garlic bread chip or a meat pie flavour. Some said the new flavour combination might work.

One man wrote:

“A few years back, I’d have thought that the idea of mixing Cadbury Dairy Milk and Vegemite was reprehensible … Who knows, this just might work.”
Another woman pointed out how sweet chips were common in parts of Asia:

“Can taste pretty okay. So I’m not opposed to this, I think us Aussies should try to be open to new flavours. Too often I see people snub flavours without even trying it.”