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First new potatoes on Malta harvested

First new potatoes on Malta harvested

March 25, 2020
Kees Schouten from Altena Potatoes from Veen:
“It is currently a very exciting potato market. The washer is working overtime and the supply to the retail sector is going very fast. I expect that it will be difficult to find washer suitable potatoes. On the other hand, the fries industry and the catering industry are at a loss.”

“Exports to Eastern Europe are also going very well. Now I hope we can also supply them with chip potatoes.”
In Malta, they have also started harvesting. The potato trader expects the Maltese potatoes next Wednesday or Thursday in the Netherlands.

Kees Schouten:
“That is in line with last year. The potatoes are doing reasonably well in Malta. People will be short of hands, because the workers from Central Europe who normally harvest, will stay at home.”

“In these turbulent times it is difficult to estimate how the market will react to the new potatoes. Of course, the weather has not yet been good, but fortunately it is brightening up again this week. Prices of the old harvest are now rising, so I expect there will be a market for the new potatoes.”