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Kiremko starts up Fun Fries French fry line in Morocco remotely using AR

Morrocan potato processor Fun Fries line started up by 'Augmented Reality' headset out of Kiremko HQ in Holland

A new experience for both Kiremko and Morrocan potato processor Fun Fries; the French fry line that was installed last summer was started up entirely remotely using augmented reality.

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Kiremko's engineers from boarding planes, a door was opened for a highly innovative solution that Kiremko developed: the Kiremko Remote Service.

This service uses an advanced headset with camera, sound and monitor, an Internet connection, and high-quality technicians on both sides of that connection.

Augmented reality during a pandemic

Mustapha Laraqui, director of Fun Fries Morocco, tells us about his experience with the AR-glasses and the use of this new technology.

Mustapha Laraqui, director of Fun Fries Morocco:

“It was a really fruitful experience, and I think this is the way to work in the future. Without glasses, I believe we could have gotten in trouble.”

“The online communication on site with the Kiremko team allows us to do the job as if the Kiremko team is physically on site. Laraqui believes that with the advantage of the AR-glasses, his technicians are more trained than in a conventional way.”

“It's already the present, and not something of the future anymore.”

Remote technology increases customer service

Matthijs Laks, project manager at Kiremko:

“This was the first time we started a line in this way, using the AR-technology.”

“The AR glasses played a crucial role in this project. We were able to assist the customer remotely and to start up the line, despite the travel ban that applied.”

“Without this technology that would never have been possible. The technology will further improve and Remote Service will increase our customer's possibilities in these uncertain times.”

Only the best to meet future goals

Mustapha Laraqui:

“The Moroccan market is growing at 2 digits each year.”

“We have all the resources to compete on the European market for some specific products, but we are the first potato processor in the country, although we are a country of potato farming.”

“What is unique about Morocco is that we are able to get at least 4 crops around the year. Based on our farming affiliate company Allied Potato (1050 Hectares), we can harvest our own crops at the end of September, in February, April up till July.”

Producing French fries locally is the right choice for sustainability and encouraging industrialization of the country. Because this is our first experience in this industry, we chose to order a full line, supplied by one unique manufacturer.


We had to have the best equipment for the whole factory.

Working with Kiremko brings all these advantages. These are the first steps for Fun Fries, but they already have ambitious plans for the future as well.


“Our future plan is to produce coated fries and sweet potato French fries for export. So there is much more to come.”

Contact information

Fun Fries, mr. Mustapha Laraqui, director
Phone: +212 661460476 / +212 537586886

Kiremko BV, mr. Matthijs Laks, project manager
Phone: +31 348 47 94 00