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Morning Kiss Organic Celebrates Potato Lovers Month

Morning Kiss Organic Celebrates Potato Lovers Month

February is Potato Lover’s Month, and Morning Kiss Organic is celebrating by giving this versatile food some special recognition! Potatoes are historically among the most popular items in the produce aisle, and with a high consumption rate across demographics, it’s safe to say that almost everyone loves potatoes. Morning Kiss Organic offers red, russet, and gold varieties of potatoes.

Sweet potatoes in particular have increased in popularity among U.S. consumers in recent years. Growing demand may be due to this variety’s health benefits. Widely considered a 'superfood,' sweet potatoes are a nutritious food high in carotenoids, which have antioxidant properties.

They may also be beneficial for controlling blood sugar. Enjoyed with the skin on, all potatoes are a low calorie food with no fat, sodium or cholesterol. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, fiber and antioxidants.

Mike Guptill of Morning Kiss Organic:

“From brunch to dinner, potatoes are an inherently nutritious food that consumers can get creative with. We hope that during Potato Lover’s Month, people will try some new recipes incorporating our organic potatoes.”
Employing just-in-time inventory management, Morning Kiss produce is freshly packed to order. Produce is delivered daily to ensure the highest quality, and best tasting selection available. Natural and healthy, Morning Kiss products are always non-GMO.
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