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Azerbaijan starts growing a new potato variety, 'Murovdag'

The Murovdag mountain, after which the new potato variety is named

A new variety of potatoes named ‘Murovdag’ has begun to be grown in Azerbaijan, Elmar Allahverdiyev, director of the Research Institute of Vegetable Growing under the Ministry of Agriculture, told Trend on June 8.

Elmar Allahverdiyev:
"The new variety has a high yield and larger tubers. It can be grown both in areas with arid climate and on irrigated lands, and the yield will be up to 25 and 50 tons per hectare, respectively."
According to him, the new potato variety is planned to be sown in greenhouses for the time being.

Elmar Allahverdiyev:
"Some of the seeds have already been sent to the Agency for Agricultural Services."