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Swisspatat adds a new potato variety on its 2022 list
Swisspatat adds early potato variety Colomba as a new entry to its 2022 variety list
In their bid to create a cultivation plan for early potatoes that will meet the demand, Swisspatat’s the production and trade representatives have approved the early potato concept 2022, the Colomba variety being new on the next year’s main variety list.

The conversion from storage potatoes to new-season, domestic early potatoes, is a major challenge every year, especially the market supply with firm-skinned, firm-cooking potatoes (green line).

To supply the market with early potatoes in time, special potato varieties are planted in covered cultivation in the early-growing areas. Thanks to professional planning and partnership-based cooperation within the industry, the exchange of information continued to be positive in this challenging year.

Early potatoes belonging to Lady Christl and Agata varieties were marketed to wholesalers in the early segment as a specialty. This has proved successful and is to be continued in this way. In addition to the two established varieties, the Colomba variety will be added. This early variety will be included in the 2022 main variety list and is comparable to the Agata.

Even so, the market potential of these products is limited, and they are costly at the point of sale due to their short shelf life. The three varieties should each be offered up as early as possible.

The emphasis lies on supplying the market as early as possible with potatoes from the new crop. This marketing concept has proven successful for both conventional and organic potatoes and will be continued.

To ensure that the market remains in balance in 2022, the acreages should not be increased in the coming spring. Growers are urged to discuss acreage and variety planning with their customers.