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Preparation for Potato Europe 2018 well underway

Potato planting at the PotatoEurope 2018 event venue in Lower Saxony, where Europe’s potato professionals will meet on September 12-13, 2018 is now completed.

Preparations for this year's PotatoEurope exhibition are progressing well, with planting now complete at the event venue, Rittergut Bockerode farm, near Springe-Mittelrode in Lower Saxony (Germany).

Ideal weather conditions and well-prepared soil allowed the potatoes to be planted with the latest seeding technology at the end of April. The site will host this major gathering of European potato professionals on September 12 and 13, 2018, and project manager Dr. Wilfried Wolf, from the organizer DLG (German Agricultural Society), revealed that 120 exhibitors from the fields of breeding, fertilizers, crop protection, and technology for potato production and processing, have already registered to participate at the event.

The entire potato industry will present a comprehensive range of information about potato production at Rittergut Bockerode in September.

The focus is on experimental plots; machine demonstrations, including mechanical weed control for the first time also; as well as special features on current topics of interest to the sector.

Organic Potatoes

In cooperation with KÖN (Kompetenzzentrum Ökolandbau Niedersachsen GmbH – organic farming competence center), the DLG is preparing a special "Organic Potatoes Meeting Point".

Here, manufacturers of technology, service providers, associations and organizations will present a broad spectrum of knowledge related to the successful cultivation and marketing of organic potatoes. The focus will be on variety selection, inventory management, harvesting and various aspects of marketing.

The DLG and KÖN special will provide a unique information platform for farmers considering converting to organic systems, as well as those already operating successful organic farms.

Optical Sorting Unwashed Potatoes

Another highlight will be the "Optoelectronics" special feature. The focus here is live demonstrations of optoelectronic technology for sorting unwashed potatoes.

Manufacturers will show equipment that can detect and remove foreign bodies from the crop, and allow sorting according to size as well as other defined quality parameters.

In addition, the DLG and the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony will present a special feature examining alternative herbicide reduction procedures at PotatoEurope 2018. Trial plots are being planted at Rittergut Bockerode where various chemical treatments can be compared with mechanical and physical crop management methods.