Van Doren

Van Doren is a manufacturing and solution development company that integrates best of breed technology from receiving through palletizing. At Van Doren, we prioritize value and performance, offering comprehensive support to our customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

Allround India Vegetable Processing Machines Pvt Ltd(Ambala)

Allround India is a subsidiary of Allround Holland. Allround is a trusted name in manufacturing and supplying machinery and equipment for post-harvest agri-horticulture, with special reference to the highly consumed and processed commodities like potatoes, carrots, and onions.


Brovind company designs, manufactures and sells complete “turn-key” plants for the confectionary and food industry. Brovind company is now a point of reference in this sector, extending its skills to the world of nuts and snacks

Bry-Air (Asia) Private Limited

Bry-Air, a global leader in dehumidification, offers solutions for humidity control, moisture removal, product drying, gas phase filtration, plastics drying, dry rooms, adsorption cooling, and high-temperature waste heat recovery.

Buhler India

Buhler's office located in India

CABE Engineering UK Ltd

CABE is one of the UK's leading providers of industry-standard and bespoke technical solutions for the food processing industry.


Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products. Their range of equipments includes TURNKEY, CONVEYING, DRYING, SEED PROCESSING, ELECTRONIC SORTING,STORAGE Solutions etc.
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Clextral Pacific pty ltd

Clextral Pacific pty ltd, which specializes in twin-screw technology, offers its customers whole processing lines that include extruders, dryers, and ancillary equipment. Its dependable and innovative solutions set quality and excellence standards in its major markets of food and feed, green industries, and drying technologies.

E & S Food Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

E & S Food Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are the well known and well established firm in the industry of offering a wide range of Food Processing Machine, Storage Silos, Spiral Conveyor, Pasta Machines and Snacks Dryers.

Enabling Win

Enabling Win aims to help the food manufacturers in Southeast Asia enhance their capacity, efficiency and product quality by providing commercially viable technologies.

Felcon Food processing solutions

Felcon develops innovative machines for the food processing industry, from standalone solutions to complete production lines. They will take care of everything, from engineering to commissioning, anywhere in the world.

Fuma Food Machinery Co., Ltd

Fuma food machinery has been engaged in the development and production of primary processing and deep processing equipment for fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, meat and aquatic products.

Gee Gee Foods

Gee Gee Foods & Packaging Pvt. Ltd is a Food Processing Machines Supplier which is manufacture of food processing and packaging machines for food industry.
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Heinkel Drying and Separation Group

Heinkel Drying and Separation Group is specialized in designing, manufacturing and providing high-quality equipment and full systems for separating solids from liquids. Their brands Bolz-Summix, Comber and Heinkel

Idaho Steel Products Co. Inc (USA)

Idaho Steel Products Co. Inc is Kiremko location in Idaho, USA.


Idealmac designs equipments for the production of puffed cakes and non-fried snacks made of cereals, pulses and/or pellets.

Jinan Arrow Machinery Co.,Ltd

Jian Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic food machinery manufacturer established in 2006.

JIX Food Solutions

JIX FOOD SOLUTIONS is a company dedicated to the sale of machinery, process lines and development of global projects for the food industry.

Kiremko (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd

Kiremko (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd is location of Kiremko in China.


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