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Kuipers Chips Processing Line
Kuipers potato chips processing pants include all the necessary components from potato receipt and cleaning to packaging. The line will allow snack manufacturers to produce delicious potato chips
Kuipers Peanut Processing Line
Kuipers Food Processing Machinery offers small snack manufacturers as well as big corporations the opportunity to deliver the tastiest nut snacks to the end consumer. These full lines incorporate everything from raw product input to packaging.
Kuipers Snacks Processing Line
Kuipers pellet processing technology presents snack producers the opportunity to manufacture delicious products such as puffed-style pellets, prawn crackers, pork rinds, and other similar snacks all on the same plant.
Kuipers Flavouring Unit
Stand alone unit to cater for various capacities. Can be used to add flavour, oil drops or spray various types of snacks such as pellets, peanuts, chips or corn nuts. A flexible solution customized for your snack needs.
Kuipers Battering Unit
This integrated unit will allow the snack manufacturer to produce various capacities of battered product per hour depending on the input’s specifications as well as the batter mix applied. An efficient solution for various types of nuts. Various units can be integrated to increase capacity.
Kuipers Automatic peanut coating unit
Kuipers supplies a unique automatic and continuous peanut coating unit. The unit includes a product collect and feed system as well as a dosing system.


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