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Kuipers Chips Processing Plant

Kuipers Chips Processing Line

Kuipers potato chips processing pants include all the necessary components from potato receipt and cleaning to packaging. The line will allow snack manufacturers to produce delicious potato chips, sticks, and kettle-style crisps in the most efficient manner.

Although frying is one of the most crucial processes, Kuipers lines ensure the pre-processing methods preparing the slice to enter the frying system further enhance the end quality of the chip. Efficient peeling, slicing, blanching as well as starch, and water removal are applied.
Kuipers Chips processing line

Kuipers Chips processing line

All these steps together with a fully controllable multi-injection zone fryer ensure the optimal frying oil quality is maintained and as a result continuity in the process. The combination of efficient pre-processing and frying is also a crucial factor to prevent the formation of acrylamide and other acids.

Furthermore, Kuipers integrates a water treatment system in the chips processing factories. This is one of the most advanced on the market and has proven to use up to 60% less water than conventional systems. Freshwater is only necessary at one point in the line.

All Kuipers lines are executed turnkey, pre-wired and pre-tested in the workshop before delivery, and mounted in the Kuipers unique mainframe for a clean and safe design. This will furthermore help our clients efficiently and rapidly start-up their line on site.
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