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Kuipers French Fries Processing Line

Kuipers expert team designs and manufactures turnkey French fries processing plants of capacities up to 5 ton per hour output. The equipment is crafted according to the client’s needs in terms of the degree of automation, product and scope.

Their solutions present food manufacturers the possibility to make various types of French fries such as the oven or crinkle cut as well as other similar potato specialties, for example, pommes Parisiennes, skin-on wedges and more.

When it comes to producing French fries, Kuipers begins the process by choosing the raw po-tato. Having the right input is one of the most important aspects and the foundation of a perfect French fry.

Their team will develop the line, component by component alongside the client start¬ing with advice on potato selection. After cleaning and destoning, an advanced steam peeler is integrated to ensure minimum product loss and peel removal.

In addition, Kuipers presents a smart integration of both hydro and mechanical cutting systems so that all cutting shapes and sizes can be made on the same process line.

Their state-of-the-art frying system incorporates a lean fryer pan design combined with efficient filtration and a well-monitored process. This as a result allows the producer to operate on extremely low turnover times and save overall costs.

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3D Animation Potato Chips Processing Plant PC500(E)