Kuipers Peanut Processing Line

Kuipers Peanut Processing Plant

Kuipers Peanut Processing Line

Kuipers Food Processing Machinery offers small snack manufacturers as well as large multinationals the opportunity to deliver the tastiest nut snacks to the end consumer. These turnkey lines incorporate everything from raw product input to packaging.

Kuipers frying systems combine the lowest oil content levels and efficient filtration to achieve the fastest oil turnover time in the industry. The unique technology and process allow for continuous production without damaging the taste or quality of the end product and maintaining a low FFA percentage.

An experienced team will carefully draft and customize the production line for your specific type of product. This will ensure maximum efficiency and quality.

The capacity range for this line ranges from hundreds of kilograms per hour to thousands, depending on the client’s necessity as well as the characteristics of the product.