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Chips and Snacks

Chips and Snacks

Hershey is a manufacturer of primarily chocolate products and more recently, savory snacks as well.
The Snack Brigade offers baked, never-fried puffed snacks branded incredipuffs
The Yorkshire Crisp Company Limited (Yorkshire Crisps) is a small UK chips manufacturer producing hand made potato chips.
Tika Chips is a manufacturer of chips of native potatoes and other root vegetables in Chili.
Tim's Cascade Snacks is a manufacturer of potato chips and popcorn in 2019 acquired by Utz Quality brands.
Torekovs lilla chipsfabrik AB is a small Swedish manufacturer of batch fried potato chips , selling potato crisps branded Bjäre chips. Also known as Bjäre Hembygd AB.
Treasure8 is a San Francisco-based Food & Beverage innovation and technology company. Branded Ground Rules, the company has launched a series of fruit and vegetable based snacks.
TreeHouse Foods is a private label food and beverage leader focused on customer brands and custom products.
Tri-Sum Potato chips claims to be the oldest potato chip manufacturer in the United States.
Tropical Foods specializes in premium snack mixes, raw and freshly roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruit and more