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Dewulf MH 242 Efficient Logistics receiving hopper

Higher capacity with less trailers

With the MH 242 Efficient Logistics receiving hopper you improve the efficiency of your storage line and the utility of trailers considerably. The buffer function ensures constant output of this receiving hopper combination, at both lower and high capacity.

The trailer can be quickly unloaded into this specially designed receiving hopper, after which the product is transferred to a connected MH 241 in a product-friendly manner for further cleaning and possible pre-grading.

Thanks to the Efficient Logistics receiving hopper, you can transport the harvested product from the field to the store with fewer trailers, because the waiting times for unloading are reduced.

Special Features

  • Constant output of the product
  • Minimal waiting times for trailer unloading
  • Very high capacity (150-200 ton/hour)
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