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Insort Sherlock AIR

The sophisticated precision Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) of this sorter means the Sherlock AIR delivers high quality optical sorting for all small foodstuffs.

Analysis of the entire near infrared spectrum allows the chemical composition of objects to be analyzed in‑line and in real time, irrespective of color, shape, surface or specific weight, and dealt with on the spot. This enables outstanding recognition and removal of foreign bodies and visible defects as well as those that have hitherto been invisible to the naked eye. Precisely controlled high speed air valves remove over 50 % of the worst defects.

The new software platform provides your desired combination of high‑resolution 4 K cameras and sensor fusion, shape recognition, sizing and the latest machine learning algorithms.

The Sherlock Air meets the highest standards of hygienic design and can be used for all foodstuffs in either wet or dry processes.