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Martin Lishman-Multi-Sensor Temperature Packages

Multi-Sensor Selector-Potato Store Monitoring Package consists multiple temperatures in boxed or bulk- stored potatoes. A simple junction box with sensor selector switch, with capacity for up to 12 flexible cable sensors of any length. It can be connected to a Minitemp digital monitor or Temperature Differential Controller.

Multi-Sensor Selector-Potato Store Monitoring Package

For a simple potato box or bulk store multi-sensor monitoring system. Sensors can be any length, up to c.50m. Monitor and sensor selector can be conveniently located at ground level.

  • Fast monitoring– and ensures readings are always from the same part of the box or store
  • Saves time – allowing faster decisions about store management
  • Simple, convenient and inexpensive – allows flexibility in store monitoring design
The Multi-Sensor Selector provides multiple temperature records quickly

The Multi-Sensor Selector provides multiple temperature records quickly

Key Features

  • Quick monitoring - and ensures readings always from the same place
  • Convenient - junction box can be at ground level

How does the Multi-Sensor Selector work?

The Multi-Sensor Selector is a junction box capable of having up to 12 crop temperature sensors plugged into it. It is supplied with a lead to connect it to a MiniTemp monitor or a Martin Lishman Temperature Differential Controller .

A rotary selector connects each crop sensor in turn to the MiniTemp which displays the sensor temperature reading. Multi-sensor monitoring packages are available including the Multi-Sensor Selector and up to 12 flexible temperature sensors of varying lengths.

Multi-Sensor Switch

  • Dimensions: 165 x 120 x 85 mm; Weight: 450g
  • Multi- Sensor Switch (Product Code: CQ/MULTISWITCH) 12 sensor input sockets; output socket; connecting cable & plugs.
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