SV Agri Peel Compaction System

SV Agri, Peel Compaction System

SV Agri, Peel Compaction System

In the Potato Processing industry, the potato peel comes as a waste product. The peel is a fluffy material and it floats and blocks the Drainage system of the plant. The peel is separated as solid waste in ETP and hence, for ease of cleaning, maintenance and higher productivity it is advised that the peel is separated at the source. SV Agri’s Peel separation and compaction system separates the peel from the water and uses a cylindrical wedge wire screen inside a screw compactor to compact the peel and reduce water content significantly. The water extracted is passed through a finer screen for further re-circulation.

Key Benefits
  • Hygienic Peel Water Separation
  • High Compaction efficiency of peel
  • Cleaner Peeled water for Potato washing application
  • Integrated skid design
  • High capacity, low footprint & lower power consumption
  • Non clogging design and built
  • Quick ROI and minimal installation costs

Product Possibilities
  • Dried Peel

Line Capacity
  • 250 kg/hr onwards potato chips Line or French Fries Line