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Kent Crisps Oyster and Vinegar

Kent Crisp's Oyster and Vinegar is awarded a star at this years Great Taste Awards

August 06, 2023
Kent Crisps have been awarded 1 star for their Oyster and Vinegar flavour at the Great Taste Awards 2023. Oyster and Vinegar is a definite favourite for many, paying homage to Whitstable’s famous oysters; it tastes like the Kent seaside.
Jeff Clemmons shows a bag of Golden Flake potato chips from the last day of production in Birmingham. The chips are now made at the Utz factories in Hanover, Pa.

Utz Snacks closes Golden Flake potato chip factory in Birmington, Alabama; Production moved to Pennsylvania

August 01, 2023
The Golden Flake factory in Birmingham has made its final potato chip, ending a historic run as one of Alabama’s favorite snack foods made in the state. So, who ate, or is about to eat, the last Golden Flake potato chip made in Birmingham?
PepsiCo Switches to HVO for all Walkers Crisps Potato Deliveries – Potato Business

Potato deliveries to Walkers Leicester Chips factory entirely powered by used cooking oil

July 27, 2023
In the United Kingdom, PepsiCo has scaled the use of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) – used cooking oil - across their supply chain in a move set to save 2,650 tonnes in GHG emissions annually.
Álava potato

PepsiCo and Fertiberia launch programme to produce fertilizer from green hydrogen

July 23, 2023
PepsiCo and Fertiberia have partnered up to launch a pilot programme to reduce emissions in potato cultivation. Fertiberia's Impact Zero fertilizers are produced from green hydrogen (replacing natural gas), and precision agriculture.
Sandy Iagallo, Senior Director Regulatory & Wellbeing Europe at Kellogg Europe

European Snacks Association names Sandy Lagallo as new president

June 27, 2023
The General Assembly of the European Snacks Association (ESA) has elected Sandy Iagallo, Senior Director Regulatory & Wellbeing Europe at Kellogg Europe, as its new President for the term 2023-2025.
Fresh deep-fried crisps from Frosta in Trøndelag. Probably the healthiest crisps on the planet

Norwegian research for the best potato for potato chips

June 26, 2023
Researchers in Norway investigated the best way to avoid the formation of acrylamide when producing potato chips. They focused in particular on identifying the most suitable potatoes to use.
US potato production area break records lows 2000/01 - 2022/23

US Potato Prices Expected to Ease but Stay Elevated according to Rabobank Report

June 06, 2023
The Rabobank report on the US Potato Industry anticipates good prices for the remainder of the 2022/23 marketing year, particularly as the year comes to an end before the new crop harvest begins.
Pepsico CEOs

PepsiCo's potato chips plant in Poland is its most sustainable factory in Europe

June 03, 2023
PepsiCo has unveiled its most sustainable factory in Europe as the industry increasingly recognises the circular economy as a framework to help address global food system challenges.
The phenomenon of Bonilla potato chips in sight

Los gallegos que conquistaron Hollywood con sus patatas fritas

May 26, 2023
Una lata de medio kilo de patatas fritas es algo que no pasa desapercibido. Aunque si esta se encuentra medio escondida y forma parte de atrezo de una película surcoreana, dar con ella es casi tan difícil como encontrar una aguja en un pajar.
Burts has more than two decades of experience crafting premium, hand cooked British potato chips

tna's long-term partnership with Burts Snacks delivers premium snack production with outstanding quality

May 19, 2023
tna solutions has partnered with a premium snack manufacturer, Burts Snacks Ltd, to increase production capacity at its Plymouth, UK, manufacturing site.


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