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Savory snacks, including potato and tortilla chips
June 10, 2024

How is Industry 4.0 revolutionizing the savory snacks sector?

The snacks industry is rapidly changing thanks to Industry 4.0. Every year, millions of tons of snacks of all kinds, from cookies and potato chips to nuts and chocolates, are produced. In fact, global snack consumption has increased by over 2.5 million tons in the last two years.
tna ropac® 5 at Majans
June 03, 2024

Majans’ partnership with TNA solutions delivers 140% throughput increase in 12 months with the tna ropac® 5

Building on its ongoing relationship with TNA solutions, Majans leveraged the all new tna ropac® 5 technology to automate its case packing operations.
PepsiCo's photovoltaic panels in Romania
May 23, 2024

PepsiCo invests USD 2m in photovoltaic panels at Romanian sites

PepsiCo has completed a new green energy initiative by installing photovoltaic panels at three sites in Romania: Dragomirești, Popești-Leordeni and Covasna.
Corona process Tortillas
May 01, 2024

ZEISS Spectroscopy: Elevating Snack Quality at SNACKEX 2024

ZEISS Spectroscopy will once again be taking part at SNACKEX.
Delicious and healthy: discover top 10 snacks
April 14, 2024

Delicious and healthy: discover top 10 snacks getting traction

Who said snacks can’t be tasty and healthy at the same time? Usually, we associate snacks with unhealthy foods full of empty calories. However, the good news is that there are numerous options for delicious snacks that not only satisfy our cravings but also offer nutritional benefits.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana: Secret of Snacks Flavoring
March 05, 2024

Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana: The Secrets of Flavouring Snacks

The snacks are flavored according to the customer’s needs, the chosen product and the type of aroma.
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Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana (TAV) - Hera Smart Flavour Solid system
February 12, 2024

Savory Snack Trends in 2024: Opportunities in the Snack Industry

Snacks are an important part of the diet of consumers around the world. By 2024, the global snacks market is expected to reach USD 1.2 trillion.
Kuipers Pellet Snacks Processing Line
January 23, 2024

Kuipers Food Processing Machinery and Lalesse Extrusion join forces

As of January 1st, 2024, the assets and business activities of Lalesse Extrusion are integrated into Kuipers Food Processing Machinery.
PepsiCo products are being pulled from some grocery stores in Europe over price hikes
January 23, 2024

Supermarket chain Carrefour pulls Lays Chips off the shelves in France over price hikes

Global supermarket chain Carrefour will stop selling PepsiCo products in it stores in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy
Pringles make a major change to its tube packaging
January 22, 2024

Pringles make a major change to its tube packaging - and says it will prevent crisps from breaking too

Pringles make a major change to its tube packaging - and says it will prevent crisps. Most Britons will be familiar with the famous Pringles tube - but the crisp brand is now making a huge change to its packaging.
The future site, in the foreground and the historic site, in the background, in Pontivy.
December 10, 2023

French potato chip company Altho Brets will invest EUR 100 million in its second factory

The Breton potato chips manufacturer, which markets its Brets brand in particular, announced about its investment EUR 100 million (USD 107.7 million) in its new factory project on its historic Pontivy site.
Antti Kuusisto, chairman of Luonnosta Finland and Phil Rayner, Manager of Luonnosta UK
October 02, 2023

Luonnosta Finland Oy establishes a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

Luonnosta Finland Oy and Phil Rayner announced the establishment of Luonnosta UK Ltd. Luonnosta’s strategy for several years has been to develop international business and strengthen networks worldwide.
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Snack A Jacks Bagless Multipacks
September 25, 2023

Walkers introduces 'Bagless' multipacks for Snack A Jacks to reduce plastic use

PepsiCo is trialling new multipack packaging for their Snack A Jacks range. Packs on shelves in Tesco stores across the United Kingdom will now use 86% less plastic on their outer packaging when compared with the previous multipack design.
Kent Crisps Oyster and Vinegar
August 06, 2023

Kent Crisp's Oyster and Vinegar is awarded a star at this years Great Taste Awards

Kent Crisps have been awarded 1 star for their Oyster and Vinegar flavour at the Great Taste Awards 2023. Oyster and Vinegar is a definite favourite for many, paying homage to Whitstable’s famous oysters; it tastes like the Kent seaside.
Jeff Clemmons shows a bag of Golden Flake potato chips from the last day of production in Birmingham. The chips are now made at the Utz factories in Hanover, Pa.(Courtesy:
August 01, 2023

Utz Snacks closes Golden Flake potato chip factory in Birmington, Alabama; Production moved to Pennsylvania

The Golden Flake factory in Birmingham has made its final potato chip, ending a historic run as one of Alabama’s favorite snack foods made in the state. So, who ate, or is about to eat, the last Golden Flake potato chip made in Birmingham?
PepsiCo Switches to used cooking oil as fuel for all Walkers Crisps Potato Deliveries
July 27, 2023

Potato deliveries to Walkers Leicester Chips factory entirely powered by used cooking oil

In the United Kingdom, PepsiCo has scaled the use of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) – used cooking oil - across their supply chain in a move set to save 2,650 tonnes in GHG emissions annually.
July 23, 2023

PepsiCo and Fertiberia launch programme to produce fertilizer from green hydrogen

PepsiCo and Fertiberia have partnered up to launch a pilot programme to reduce emissions in potato cultivation. Fertiberia's Impact Zero fertilizers are produced from green hydrogen (replacing natural gas), and precision agriculture.
European Snacks Association names Sandy Lagallo as new president
June 27, 2023

European Snacks Association names Sandy Lagallo as new president

The General Assembly of the European Snacks Association (ESA) has elected Sandy Iagallo, Senior Director Regulatory & Wellbeing Europe at Kellogg Europe, as its new President for the term 2023-2025.


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