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Glycemic Index

Purple Power: 7 Benefits of Purple Potatoes
Purple potatoes are the eye-catching gems of the potato aisle. Like other members of the potato family (Solanum tuberosum), they come from a tuber plant native to the Andes mountain region in South America.
Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Carisma is back! Lower GR Potato Returns to Ontario Grocery Stores
Following a highly successful launch in 2016, Canadian produce company EarthFresh is bringing its lower glycemic response (GR)* Carisma potato back to Ontario grocery retailers for an extended season.
New to North America: Earthfresh Farms introduces the Low Glycemic Response Potato Variety Carisma
Earthfresh Farms introduces a first to North America: The Carisma, a Low Glycemic Response potato variety.
Potato Nutrition ABC - brought to you by the United States Potato Board
Just in time for the back to school season, here is your A to Z guide on potato nutrition, brought to you by the United States Potato Board.
Low GI Carisma Potatoes win South Australian Innovation Award
As the world’s first officially certified low GI potato, it’s no wonder Carisma recently earned The Mitolo Group the Innovation Award under the 2011 South Australian of the Year Awards. As Australia’s leading potato and onion packing company, The Mito...
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
 University of Otago (New Zealand)
Potatoes and other reportedly high-GI foods might not be the dietary villains that recent publicity, books and health-based programmes would claim them to be, a new University of Otago study suggests.
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Carisma, Australia's official low GI potato is making headway
Since its launch last year, consumers have bought more than 1,000 tonnes of Carisma, Australia’s first officially certified low GI potato.
Potatoes are for more than just french fries. With the federal government's aid, a nation-wide network of researchers co-ordinated from Fredericton is hoping to develop new uses for spuds - and help Canadian farmers cash in. The federal government is i...
Wednesday, March 11, 2009