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Potato Supply Chain

Potato Supply chain

Fight over water in Klamath Basin affects potato growers
Farmers, fish advocates, tribes and government officials are headed to federal court in California on Wednesday (today) to argue who will get water — and when — in the Klamath Basin.
Seed Potato Company HZPC publishes its latest CSR Report
How can we feed 9.8 billion world citizens in 2050? And provide them with nutrient-rich food that is produced with minimal environmental impact? That's a daily question for seed potato company HZPC. The progress made can be found in its latest CSR Report
Bill Whitacre, CEO of the J.R. Simplot Company announces retirement
Bill Whitacre, CEO of the J.R. Simplot Company since 2009, has announced he will retire per August 31, 2018
Manual del cultivo de la papa en Chile (2a Parte)
Segunnda parte del artículo escrito por Víctor Kramm M. (INIA Quilamapu) para la Revista Cultura Orgánica (Enero/Febrero 2018) - Zonas productoras de papa y variedades utilizadas (cont.).
Saturday, April 7, 2018
Latest ever planting of early potatoes in Northern Ireland due to poor weather
This year has seen the latest ever planting of early potatoes in Northern Ireland as farmers battle poor weather conditions, according to industry leaders.
Expansion potato cultivation part of resilience strategy Dominica after hurricane Maria
Shortly after the passage of hurricane Maria, the Government of Dominica provided several farmers with free seeds and fertilisers for short term crops such as white potatoes to ensure food security and to quickly revive the agriculture sector. This proved very successful.
Empresa produce semilla de papa cerca al Perito Moreno
Una empresa familiar de Mar del Plata (Argentina), en su cuarta generación, desarrolló un proceso para la producción de papa semilla de alta calidad que tiene como increíble "aliado" al glaciar Perito Moreno y su periódica ruptura.
Potato Research Centre Cambodia identifies best locations for potato cultivation
In Cambodia, researchers at the Potato Research Centre at the Royal University of Agriculture announced last week that five provinces and the capital itself will become the country's hub for potato growing after successful tests of a range of potato varieties were recently finished.