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Potato Supply Chain

Potato Supply chain

Scotts Precision Manufacturing: 500th Scotts Evolution Separator set for North America
Scotts Precision Manufacturing is celebrating a significant milestone, having sold its 500th Evolution Separator.
United Kingdom Potato Sales up to 2.2 million tonnes
Shoppers in the United Kingdom bought 1.4 per cent more fresh potatoes this year compared to last year and 3 per cent more than in 2015, new data shows.
Argentina: First PVY resistant potato will go on sale next year
After 20 years of biotechnological research, the first GM potato that is resistant to the PVY virus will go on sale next year in Argentina
All Australian markets reopened for WA seed and ware potatoes as surveillance shows potato psyllids not infected
The government of Western Australia has announced that it has succeeded in regaining market access for Western Australian potatoes in all of Australia, following the detection of tomato potato psyllid in February 2017.
Better and stronger potatoes using hybrid breeding
The potato breeding company Solynta in The Netherlands has successfully produced a hybrid breeding program for potatoes which will allow the rapid selection and turnover of favourable traits, traits which could help feed millions of people worldwide.
Bolivia: Reaparece plaga que acaba un cultivo de papa en 2 días
La enfermedad se viene detectando en Cochabamba, donde hay ya 50 hectáreas de plantaciones afectadas. Al menos 39.000 toneladas de papa están en peligro. El daño es, especialmente, en las hojas y raíces.
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Perú lanza papa con un 30% más de hierro
Fueron necesarios cuatro años de estudio constante y sacrificado para que científicos cusqueños lograran crear un nuevo tipo de papa, una tan fortificada que podría acabar con la anemia en Perú y el mundo entero.
Thursday, December 13, 2018
The potato crop in Europe: New data from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Spain
That the potato harvest this year in Europe was well below average due to extreme weather conditions is well known by now. I this article we present some recent data from Great Britain, The Netherlands and Spain that further clarify the situation
Wednesday, December 12, 2018