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Potato Supply Chain

Potato Supply chain

How to get your potatoes to a market - ANY market - in rural Nepal
Potato farmers in Jumla are overjoyed. Unlike other years, vendors are coming to Jumla - a remote area in Nepal with very limited road access - to buy potatoes from farmers. This means they don't have to walk a full day to sell a single sack of potatoes - at a low price...
Potato company Albert Bartlett brings branded sweet potatoes to the United Kingdom
Potato supplier Albert Bartlett (United Kingdom) has made its first entry into the sweet potato market with a listing at the British online retailer Ocado.
Arqueólogos encuentran las papas más antiguas de América
Como parte de una nueva investigación, se han desenterrado en Utah (EE.UU.) los que podrían ser los gránulos de papa más antiguos, fechados hace 10.900 años. Según los científicos, esta papa podría ser una fuente de alimento potencial para el futuro.
Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Updated estimates NEPG: EU North-Western potato area has increased
The total consumption potato area in North-Western Europe, has been estimated at 578.821 ha, which is 4.6% more than last year and 8.3% more than the 5 years average, according to the NEPG.
Potato starch residue in stone tool proves potato use in Utah goes back over 10,000 years
Researchers from the Natural History Museum of Utah and Red Butte Garden at the University of Utah have discovered potato starch residues in the crevices of a 10,900-year-old stone tool in Escalante, Utah — the earliest evidence of wild potato use in North America.
University of Idaho reports light potato psyllid pressure
Pressure from the tiny, winged insects that spread zebra chip disease in potatoes has been light in Idaho this season, emboldening some Idaho farmers to scale back on their pesticide programs.
West Australian Potato Growers want you to eat potatoes EVERY day...
West Australian potato growers want their potatoes back on dinner plates every day to help ease a massive glut. The advertising campaign - named Todatoes - began Saturday night with the start of a prime-time television advertising campaign.
Brexit may pose challenges for Scottish Seed Potato Exporters
Seed potato growers for the United Kingdom who have been confident that crucial trade with Egypt and other non-EU markets would not be disrupted by Brexit may be in for a shock.