Potatoes NZ request Emergency Measures to ban EU imports
May 29, 2020
Potatoes New Zealand is asking the New Zealand government to give urgent consideration to imposing short-term measures limiting the importation into New Zealand of heavily discounted frozen potato chips to avoid a food security threat.
Potato Industry on Export Fast-track
October 22, 2019
Backed overwhelmingly by industry, the Potato Growers Association of Western Australia (PGAWA) is moving forward to establish an export entity by May 2020.
Potato Industry Western Australia looking for best way to grow export
August 05, 2019
In Western Australia, the potato industry is embarking on a major effort to develop export opportunities
Potatoes now worth one billion dollars to New Zealand economy
May 16, 2019
The Latest Potatoes New Zealand Industry Volumes & Values
All Australian markets reopened for WA seed and ware potatoes as surveillance shows potato psyllids not infected
December 21, 2018
The government of Western Australia has announced that it has succeeded in regaining market access for Western Australian potatoes in all of Australia, following the detection of tomato potato psyllid in February 2017.
No Liberibacter (zebra chip pathogen) found in potato psyillids in Western Australia
May 08, 2018
In Western Australia, a surveillance program to assess if the last year detected tomato potato psyllid (TPP) carries the zebrachip disease pathogen (CLso), did not identify a single case of the pest - with over 10.000 psyllids tested.
Seed Potato Farmers Victoria and South Australia secure access to Indonesian market
February 17, 2018
​More than 300 seed potato farmers across South Australia and Victoria will be celebrating after last week's breakthrough in securing new market access to Indonesia.
Fiji potato farmers plant locally grown seed for the first time.
July 24, 2017
In Fiji, the Ministry of Agriculture is working closely with farmers around the country who are interested in potato farming. This year will be the first year farmers will be planting the locally obtained seeds.
Is there a future for potato farming in the traditional potato patch of Victoria?
May 09, 2017
For almost 50 years, Bernie White has grown potatoes in the rich, red, volcanic soil of Trentham, the traditional potato patch in Victoria, Australia. Now he doesn't know if his farm has a future.
West Australian potato farmers prepare to leave industry because of psyllid outbreak
May 02, 2017
Alan Parker looked out onto the farm business he had spent his entire life establishing. The West Australian seed potato grower will know in the next six weeks whether his lifelong career will continue.