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In the section special french fries, we cover chilled/refrigerated french fries (maybe not THAT special), low-fat french fries, or french fries that are never fried and french fries from sweet potatoes or other tubers.

All special shapes/cuts are covered in Frozen French Fries.


Chilled French Fries

Although most french fries are distributed as a frozen product, french fries are available as a chilled (refrigerated) product in specific local markets as well. Premium Chilled French fries have a great texture and can be prepared a bit faster than frozen fries.

The downside of chilled French fries is the limited shelf life compared to the frozen products.
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Organic French Fries

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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are increasingly available as an alternative of potatoes made cut from regular potatoes.
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Low fat French Fries

French Fries, frozen or refrigerated, that at the point of consumption have a lower fat / oil content than a comparable product, prepared using standard processes.
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