BTU Ventilation

BTU Ventilation of Perham, Minnesota, has released a number of new products aimed at meeting the demands of its customers. One of BTU's main strengths is our ability to be out in the field listening to what our customers are saying and asking for.

  • ACT/BTU has served the vegetable industry for 25 years.
  • Our core employees combine over 200 years in ventilation/refrigeration experience
  • BTU manufactures 75% of all their equipment, 90% is made in the USA
  • We use industry standards in all our ventilation and refrigeration designs.
  • We have a driven team of engineers, designers and technicians that represents fast forward thinking, always developing and implementing new technologies.
  • We have developed new pioneering designs in the ventilation and refrigeration for the vegetable industry. Appling our experiences to the vegetable storage technologies
  • Our systems consist of high quality, durable equipment specifically matched for the use the vegetable industry
  • Remote monitoring/alarming systems is a must today , we have 800 computer systems online.
  • Today energy efficiency is a must, we can help you achieve 35-65% in energy savings annually.
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BTU Ventilation
  • 47418 US Highway 10
    Perham, MN 56573
    United States

Exhibiting at:

Potato Expo 2021

Potato Expo 2021