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United Fresh Produce Association

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United Fresh Produce Association is a representative body of a large number of member companies of the Produce Sector based in Washington, DC.

United Fresh members represent the full breadth of the produce supply chain. From small family businesses to large international corporations, United fresh member companies bring together companies across the produce industry to speak with one unified voice.

Members include:
  • Produce companies that provide the fresh fruits and vegetables enjoyed by consumers every day, including grower-shippers, fresh-cut processors, wholesaler-distributors and importers and exporters
  • Retail and food service operators who serve as the main consumer resource for fresh produce consumption
  • Industry service providers who bring produce companies the equipment, materials, supplies, transportation and consultation needed to maximise productivity and efficiency
  • Industry associations and commodity groups serving individual commodities, regions and industry segments
  • University researchers and government officials who partner with the industry on research and regulatory issues
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United Fresh Produce Association
  • 1901 Pennsylvania Ave NW #1100
    Washington, DC 20006
    United States