Solapas principales

Sevillana de Patatas

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

Solapas principales

Sevillana de Patatas is a leader company in the management of production, processing, commercialization and distribution of early potato. During more than 45 years, their objective has been the satisfaction of their clients.

They provide them with the varieties of potatoes that they demand in the best conditions of time, quality, price and shipment.

Over the years, Sevillana de Patatas has built a reliable association with a wide range of outstanding farmers, specialists in the production of a great variety of potatoes.

The technicians of Sevillana de Patatas advise their farmers and control their potato productions from the election of the variety, to the harvesting and shipment.

Their farmers are geographically selected in the earliest areas of Europe. In this way, they can supply their clients without interruption from April to September.

They also have at their disposal facilities for the storage and processing of crops, in collaboration with Hermanos González Arrebola. This allows us to offer to their clients all the services, from the field to the potato processing:
  • Production of crops on demand, in the specified amounts, varieties and conditions.
  • Production, commercialization and distribution of their own crops and those of third parties.
  • Quality control from seedtime to harvest, and shipping to the client.
  • Cold Storage, washing, bagging, labeling and distribution on demand.