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Colourful Perupas of potato company HZPC nominated for Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2016

HZPC's Wow Colourful Perupas come in following types: Magenta Love, Double fun, Violet Queen, Blue Star, Violetta and Anya

Seed potato market leader HZPC proudly announces the nomination of their potato concept WOW! Colourful Perupas® for the international Innovation Award. Perupas were introduced as a the new colourful vegetable and are a series of tasteful coloured potato varieties with imaginative names such as Double Fun, Violet Queen and Blue Star.

WOW! Colourful Perupas® were selected by the international Fruit Logistica jury as one of the 10 most promising innovations worldwide. Fruit Logistica in Berlin is the worldwide largest trade show for the Food and Agri business.

Marketing project manager Annemarie Blitterswijk:

“Perupas have literally been an eye catcher from the product launch onwards.”

“Many restaurant chefs and home cooks around Europe use these ‘new vegetables’ to create colourful plates. These coloured potatoes are a tasty, healthy and creative ingredient for surprising dishes”.

Some preparation developed by chefs using WOW colourful Perupas:


Innovation Award

It will be the 11th time that the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) for outstanding innovation in the fresh produce sector will be presented at Fruit Logistica tradeshow in Berlin (3-5 February).

The international expert jury has selected HZPC’s WOW! Colourful Perupas® as one of the 10 nominees. Approximately 65,000 trade visitors will have the opportunity to give their vote during the first two days of the exhibition. In 2010 HZPC took the 2nd place in the FLIA competition with their Pommonde® excellent taste concept.

Perupas and health

Innovation is really at the heart of HZPC: breeding, exporting high quality seed potatoes, and developing product concepts are core elements of their market approach. This lead to creating a completely new potato family, WOW! Colourful Perupas®, calling for an entirely different market approach. Top chefs across Europe are very enthusiastic to work with this ´new vegetable´ combining variation, taste and health aspects.

Antioxidants like carotenoids and anthocyanins are the natural colourants of Perupas. Scientific research shows health benefits for antioxidants, such as protection of cells and tissue from damage caused by free radicals, better blood circulation, less heart- and vascular diseases and better eyesight.




Amount of anthocyanins in Violet Queen Perupa in comparison with a number of other foods high in anthocyanins