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Frozen French Fries plant in Uzbekistan first in Central Asia

The first potato processing plant in Central Asia will start production of frozen french fries this month in Uzbekistan

Noviembre 07, 2018

Potato company Agrover in Uzbekistan will start industrial production of frozen french fries and potato flakes this month, according to news media in the region.

The plant with a capacity 20,000 tonnes of finished product per year is the first potato processing plant in Uzbekistan, in fact, the first such plant in all of Central Asia.

Work on the project has been going on for more than three years.

Since it is not a common production line for Uzbekistan the potato processing line has been built by Dutch specialists and consists of the most advanced European equipment.

The company investing in the construction of the plant and the expensive production line is Agrover, one of the largest potato growers in Uzbekistan, operating in the local market for more than 12 years.

The total amount of investments in the project has amounted to about $ 30 million. This includes not only the equipment costs, but also the cost of its delivery and assembly in Uzbekistan.

A large part of the investments has been allocated for creation of a scientific basis for growing the desired potato varieties, preparation of infrastructure – crop areas and equipment for planting and harvesting of potato, storage warehouse for raw materials and refrigeration systems for storage of the finished products.