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Potato Days Türkiye new venue in 2023!
Potato Days Türkiye new venue in 2023!
Mayo 18, 2023
On August 25, 2023 the third edition of DLG’s 'Potato Days Türkiye', the only trade fair in Turkey dedicated to potato cultivation, will take place in Cappadocia, Nevsehir.

Over 70 exhibitors, brands at the eight-hectare outdoor event offered the specialized potato visitors from Turkey and neighbouring regions, the opportunity to closely inspect the 25 potato crop trial plots that presented innovations in seeds, fertilizers, crop protection and 10 machinery and implements alongside machinery demonstrations and field booths.

Potato Days Turkey will be successfully held this year, which is positive for potato farmers who rely on technical advances in order to progress their farming practices but are often dependent on that information being personally demonstrated to them at events like Potato Days Türkiye.

At the outdoor event in 2023, visitors will able to inspect first hand a range of new potato breeds planted late April and grown in large 400 m2 trial plots as well as compare and see for themselves the varying effects of herbicides and fertilizers on the potato crop in the trial field.

From soil preparation to harvest, visitors also will have close access to the machinery and equipment working the field, a major attraction since live demonstrations of a famer’s future equipment is a vital part of the buying and decision process.

The organisers of the trade fair, DLG Fuarcilik, allows visitors to inspect the technical equipment and crop as well as enjoy the trade fair that offered networking within the bounds of the exhibition concept.

Onur Kiraz, Managing Director of DLG Fuarcilik:
"This summer, the newest developments regarding potato production, the latest products and potato varieties will be ready in Potato Days Türkiye to meet visitors."

"Farmers will be able to compare the most suitable solutions to their businesses and reach the technical information they need at the fair."

"In numerous conversations, exhibitors have expressed their satisfaction to have such an specialised event for potato cultivation. It is a great opportunity to meet potato growers from Türkiye and abroad."

"For a farmer anywhere in the world, it is crucial to be able to experience and inspect the product or piece of machinery before buying. This is just one the key reasons why outdoor events are so important in the agricultural sector."
International agricultural knowledge and best practices are important to share which is also the remit of the DLG, bringing people together at its events and exhibitions. For example Uzbekistan Potato Union and Azerbaijcan Ministry of Agriculture and Russian Potato Union as well as other international delegations expected in 2023.

Driven by demand from the national potato industry in Turkey, Potato Days Turkey successfully premiered in 2019 with the objective of presenting current strategies and solutions for production and processing in the region. The next Potato Days Türkiye will take place in 23- 25 August 2023, Cappadocia - Nevsehir