Sistemas de Almacenamiento de Papas

Agri-Stor Company

Agri-Stor Company is North America’s largest Post-Harvest Storage Products and Services corporation. For almost 60 years, they have been providing service to potato and onion growers, and have grown into many other industries and markets.

Agri-Stor Company Colorado

Colorado Location of Agri-Stor Companies

Agri-Stor Company Idaho

Idaho location of Agri-Stor Companies, North America’s largest Post-Harvest Storage Products and Services corporation.

CSS Farms, LLC Colorado

The Colorado City greenhouse produces several million minitubers each year. A state-of-the-art greenhouse, tissue culture laboratory, and five climate control cold storages allow us to fill custom orders of any size for field planting any time of the year.

Group Ag

GroupAg was started in 2004 by Kent & Lori Wasden. They are providing innovative methods to apply sprout control and other post-harvest treatments and to manage storages in ways that take care of every potato and onion in the storage.

Industrial Ventilation Inc. (IVI)

Industrial Ventilation Inc is a supplier of potato storage ventilation systems.
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Spudnik is a manufacturer of potato equipment in the United States.

Suberizer Inc

Suberizer Inc. is an engineering-manufacturing-construction company whose primary purpose is to provide quality designed and functioning raw product storage facilities for potatoes and onions.

Techmark Inc.

Techmark Inc. designs and distributes ventilation systems including potato storages, both new installations and retrofits.

Tolsma USA

Tolsma-Grisnich office located in Idaho, USA
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