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    McDonald's Turkey

    The Turkish potato processor Konya Şeker will sell french fries to McDonald's in Turkey

    Fast food chain McDonald's has decided to purchase frozen potatoes produced in the Central Anatolian province of Konya for its restaurants in Turkey and neighboring countries, according to the board chairman of the Konya Şeker company.

    Konya Şeker has already been exporting goods from its Seydibey Integrated Facilities to the Middle East, Balkan countries and Turkic republics, Chairman Recep Konuk told Anatolia news agency Wednesday.

    "McDonald's restaurants in Turkey have been using the products of Seydibey Integrated Facilities. The french fries of Seydibey Integrated Facilities will also be served at restaurants of McDonald's in neighboring countries," Konuk said.

    The facility is capable of producing all-potato or onion-based products, noting that it has already diversified its production with potato chips, said Konuk.

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